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KARAN DARYA Co. as a branch of JIHAD TOSE’EH Institute (Ministry of agriculture) has been established in 1990 and started its activities in civil fields of country after the imposed war. This company has been successful to continue its way toward realization of company’s objects. In summer of 1998, by joining of two companies of the JIHAD TOSE’EH institute (IRAN TAVANAB Co. and BANA Co.), KARAN DARYA Co. expanded its executive facilities and capabilities and could have an important influence on partnership and country development and achieved many successes in the markets competition.

 Presentation of KARAN DARYA Co.
KARAN DARYA Co. has the first grade in the Water field, first grade in the transportation field, third grade in the building field, fourth grade in ground excavation field and fifth grade in installation and equipments field from the President Deputy Strategic Planning and Control and also is one of the best experienced companies in water, road and building fields. This company has performed more than 50 million m3 of excavation & embankment and also has accomplished more than 75 constructional projects in different parts of country. KARAN DARYA Co. is an expert of constructing marine transportation infrastructures such as ports, related structures and installations and also owns the suitable machineries, enough experience and high potential of skilful manpower.

KARAN DARYA Co. has the skilful and expert personnel in constructional fields as follows: 5 M.Sc. and higher, 52 B.Sc., 22 Associates and 339 Diploma and lower which totally comes to 416 persons.
KARAN DARYA Co. owns heavy duty and low duty machineries including: 7 Bulldozers D155, 8 Excavators PC 220-350-400-450, 7 Loaders W470, 1 Loader G966 and 2 Loaders 555B, 2 Cranes 150 ton, 2 Cranes 89 ton, 1 crane 6 ton, 15 Dump trucks, 7 Benz Tankers and Mixers, 2 Tip Trucks, 2 Trailers, 9 Peugeot Cars, 3 Pile hammers, 2 Jackhammers, 28 Diesel generators, 7 Welding Machines, … 
-            One building as the central office in Tehran with 6 floors and total area of 915 m² with commercial purposes.
-            One building as the supporting office in Bushehr with total area of 250 m²
-            One Yard with total area of 320 m² in Gheshm Island.
-            Plants and Warehouses with total area of 2000 m².
-            40 Computers, 23 Notebooks and accessories, 4 set of Servers, 5 Duplicators and 6 Fax machines. 

Average Financial Potency during last 5 years
Tax payment: more than 9 milliard Rials,
Annual insurance: about 4 milliard Rials,
Gross income: about 190 milliard Rials,
Average of fixed properties: more than 50 milliard Rials.
Credit confirmed by the banks: Mellat Bank: 80 milliard Rials, Eghtesade Novin Bank: 400 milliard Rials.


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