Mon, September 23, 2019
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The Jahad Tossee Khadamat Zirbanaee (JTKZ Co.) was established and registered in 1986 to present all engineering and technical services, and undertaking the execution of irrigation and drainage networks, earthfill and concrete dam, roads and tunnel, bridges, concrete silos, dynamic compaction, high concrete towers and industrial buildings mainly sugar and cement plant.
During the past 20 years, the JTKZ Co. relying on technical experts and professional personnel and utilizing widespread resources has fulfilled execution of several big national projects in I.R.IRAN successfully.
In the international scene, this company has completed rehabilitation of Gegardalich and Bazmaberd in Armenia, as well as, road construction between Keliak and pump station #3 in Sudan.
Now, relying on its experience, the JTKZ Co. is ready to performing domestic and international EPC contract and shakes his hand for cooperation in studying and executing of different project as the contractor or a joint venture.  
Consequently, according to grade classification of management and planning organization of Iran as one of the most competent Iranian company, our last grades are as follows:
Building discipline - grade I
Water discipline - grade I
Transportation discipline - grade I
Facility and equipment discipline - grade IV


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