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Jahad Tosse Manabe Ab company (JTMA), was founded and registered in 1986 in Iran.
JTMA is one of the largest Iranian construction contractors that has played an active and successful role in the construction of the most important projects in Iran and it is also one of the leading civil contractors in the region.
Some of the   projects which have been constructed by JTMA are:
   ·   175 m high Marun reservoir dam which is the highest rockfill dam in the country
   ·   1000 MW Shahid Abbaspour underground hydropower plant, constructed under water head up to 200 m of the existing reservoir
   ·   20.2 km long Gavoshan water conveyance tunnel being constructed in totally different
   ·   230 m high Karun 4 concrete arch dam which is the highest dam in the country 
JTMA provides professional engineering services in the fields of construction of different types of dams, tunnels, hydropower plants, irrigation and drainage systems, roads, and other similar projects. Right now, it has some great projects that are constructed or under construction such as: Delvari arch dam, Balaroud, Ghadir, Siazakh, Gavoshan, Doyraj & rockfill dam, Shahr-e-Bijar CFRD dam, Cheshmeh Langan, Sabalan water tunnel, Jayezan irrigation and drainage system, Tehran subway line 3 part one, Karaj urban railway part 3&5, Yasooj to Dehdasht main road.
Summary of main activities of JTMA in last 19 years are:
        ·Open excavation                                                                722,014,900    m3
        ·Tunnel excavation (diameter from 2.5 to 13m)                     75,500             m
        ·Embankment                                                                     750,699,370    m3
        ·Concrete construction                                                         362,363,300    m3
With this successful background, and proved capabilities, JTMA is ready to have an active and effective role in the export of technical and engineering services in its fields of specialization, to the middle Asia, middle-East and African countries.
JTMA company has been qualified and officially holds the highest grades, in the above mentioned fields, recognized by Iranian Management and Planning Organization (IMPO).
It has also been qualified by United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and its name has been registered in UNIDO roster list.
JTMA enjoys his valuable experience, wide range of machineries and equipments, specialized managers, engineers, technicians and executive staff, which altogether make the company, fully capable to carry out numerous great civil engineering projects.
Professional contractor in construction of:
        ·        Dams (different types)
        ·        Power plants
        ·        Tunnels
        ·        Irrigation & drainage systems
        ·        Roads
        ·        Buildings



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