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 Completed Projects 
1- Abbaspur Power House
The second powerhouse of Shahid Abbaspour dam is constructed 55 km to the north of Masjed Soleiman city in Khuzestan province with an installed capacity of 1,000 MW. The powerhouse has been constructed completely underground and up to 200 m under the dam reservoir level.
Contractual Specifications:
Owner: Power Ministry, Khuzestan Water and Power Authority
Consulting Eng: Moshanir (Iran) and Lahmeyer (Germany) Consulting Eng
Technical Specifications:
Powerhouse dimensions: 145x26x39 m
Excavation volume: 460,000 m3             
Concrete volume: 200,000 m3
Total length of the tunnels:3,300 l (diameter from 5 to 13 m)
Total height of the shafts:  600 m
Total length of grouting & drainage galleries: 1,032 m
Reinforcement:  17,000 ton
Installed capacity: 1,000 MW
Annual energy generation: 4,400 GW
Turbines: 4 vertical francis
Total length of grouting curtain: 30,000 m
Total length of drainage curtain: 10,000 m

2- Cheshmeh -Langan Water Tunnel
The main objective of the project, which is one of the principle schemes in the central part of Iran, is transferring water from Cheshmeh -Langan to Zayandehrood river. The tunnel runs close to Fereidunshahr in Isfahan province. Total length of the tunnel is 13.2 km. JTMA contract consists of excavating and lining of 7 km of the tunnel in addition to excavating a 900 m long access tunnel.
Contractual Specifications:
Owner:   Power Ministry-Isfahan Regional Water Authority
Consulting Eng: Zayand-Ab Consulting Eng
Technical Specifications:
Tunnel diameter (lined): 3.2 m
Tunnel length: 7 km
Total volume of excavation: 145,000 m3
Total volume of concrete: 80,000 m3

3- Delvari Dam
Delvari reservoir dam is being constructed on Shapoor river, 1 00 km to the north of Bushehr. The project includes the construction of main dam body, spillway, cofferdam, grouting and drainage galleries.
The main objectives of the project are:
- Regulating water for irrigation of more than 20,000 ha
- Flood control
- Power generation
Consultant Specifications:
Owner:  Power Ministry, Fars Regional Water Authority
Consulting Eng: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Eng
Technical Specifications:
Dam type: Concrete double arch
Dam height:122 m
Cerst length:225 m
Reservoir volume: 685,000,000 m3
Concrete volume: 220,000 m3
Diameter of diversion tunnel: 10.7 m
Upstram cofferdam: arch- gravity with buttress
Dam crest elevation: 219.5 m (from sea level)
Spillway type: gated vchute spillway at the right 
Power plant capacity:  19.4 MW 
Annual power generation: 59.6 gwt
Concrete volume: 220,000 m3

4- Gavoshan Dam
Gavoshan reservoir dam is constructed on Gaveh rood river, 45 km south of Sanandaj city and 90 km far from north of Kermanshah. The main objectives of the project are control of Gaveh rood river to store the water and convey it to Karkheh basin to procure drinking water for Kermanshah city as well.
Project performances are as follows:
Construction of dam body, upstream and downstream cofferdams, powerhouse, headrace tunnel, spillway, grouting & drainage galleries, along with installation and assembling of hydro mechanical structures.
Contractual Specifications:   
Owner:  Power Ministry, West Regional Water Authority
Consulting Eng:  Mahab Ghodss Consulting Eng
Technical Specifications:
Dam type: Rockfill with clay core
Dam crest elevation: 1,551 m (from sea level)
Dam height: 123 m (from basement)
Embankment volume: 9,000,000 m3
Excavation volume: 1,500,000 m3
Concrete volume: 60,500 m3
Reservoir volume: 550,000,000 m3
Spillway: Chute spillway at the right bank
Length of diversion tunnel: 634 m
Total length of grouting curtain:           43,600 m
Installed capacity of the power plant:11 MW

5- Gavoshan tunnel
Gavoshan water tunnel that is constructed 38 to 68 km south of sanandaj, transfer water from Gavoshan reservoir to Raazaavar and Gharaso rivers. The project consists of a 20-km long main tunnel and 4 access tunnels. Excavating in different zones with very hard to very soft rock has required different excavation methods:
- Road header
- Drilling and Blasting
Contractual Specifications:
Owner:  Power Ministry, West Regional Water Authority
Consulting Eng: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Eng
Technical Specifications:
Total length of the main tunnel:  20,180 m
Number of access tunnels: 4
Total length of access tunnels:  3713 m
Excavated diameter of the tunnel: 5.3 to 7.4 m
Total volume of excavation: 504,000 m3
Total volume of concrete: 130,000 m3

6- Jayezan iIrrigation & drainage Network
Jayezan irrigation and drainage network is one of the four irrigation systems downstream of Marun dam. The project is aimed at mechanized irrigation of 5900 ha.
Contractual Specifications:
Owner:  Power Ministry, Khuzestan Water and Power Authority
Consulting Engs: Dezab Consulting Eng
Technical Specifications:
Excavation volume: 3,500,000 m3
Fill volume: 1,550,000 m3
Concrete volume: 65,000 m3
Form works: 90,000 m2
Length of main & secondary channels: 45 km
Length of drainage channels: 21 km
Length of service roads: 59 km
Main channel discharge: 25 m3/s
Canal structures: 250 No,5

7- Karkheh Water Tunnel
The project includes construction of head race tunnels gate shafts, tailrace channel of the power plant and the bridge form the dam crest to the gates control room. Karkheh dam that has the largest reservoir capacity in the country, is located in Khuzestan province.
Contractual specification:
Owner:  Power ministry, Iranian water and ower development company (IWPC)
Consultant: Mahab Ghods consulting engineers
Technical Specification:
number of the tunnels:  3 m (5.5 m in diameter)
total length of the tunnels: 1,350 m
total length of the vertical shafts: 187.5 m (9962.5 m each)
total volume of concrete: 100,000 m3
length of the tailrace channel: 260 m

8- Marun Dam
175 m high Marun dam has been constructed on Marun river, 19 mk north of Behbahan city in Khuzestan province in southwest of Iran.
The main purposes of the project are:
- Irrigation of 55000 ha. in Behbahan, Jayzan, Khalfabad and Shadegan plains;
- Flood control;
- Hydropower generation.
Marun dam is the first large dam completely designed and constructed by Iranian engineers.
Contractual Specifications:
Owner:  Power ministry, Khuzestan Water & Power Authority
Consulting: Mahab Ghodss Consulting Eng
Technical Specifications:
Dam type: rockfill with clay core
Height: 175 m
Reservoir volume: 1.25 x 10 E9
Dam body volume: 9,000,000 m3
Volume of concrete: 180,000 m3
Spillway capacity: 10,800 m3/s (10,000 year flood)
Number of tunnels: 13 (from 2.4 to 13 m in diameter)
Total length of tunnels and galleries: about 6000
Powerplant installed capacity: 150 MW (2 Francis units)
Total length of grout curtain:1661900

9- Marun power house
This power plants has been constructed at the Marun dam in Khuzestan province. The installed capaci1y of the powerplant would be 150 MW,
Contractual Specifications:
Owner:  Power Ministry, Khuzestan Water and Power Authori1y
Consulting Eng: Moshanir consulting Eng
Technical Specifications:
The powerhouse dimensions: 76x20.6x50.6 m
Volume of concrete: 40,000 m3
Water head: 142 m
Annual power generation:360 GWH
Installed capacity: 150 MW

10- Pataveh- Dehdasht Road
To connect the central part of Iran to the southwest of the country, Yasuj to Dehdasht main road has been constructed (two parts by JTMA). The project is a part of the main road from Behbahan to Shah-Reza.
Contractual Specifications:
Owner:  Ministry of Roads and Transportation
Consulting Eng: Part A - Farbar Consulting Eng and Ettehad Rah Consulting Eng
Technical Specification:
Road type: main cl. 1
Road width: 11 m
Total length of two parts: {25+26=}51 km
Excavation volume: 3,200;000 m3
Fill volume: 1,300,000 m3

11- Sabalan Water Tunnel
Water conveyance system of Sabalan dam is constructed in Ardabil province, 40 km far fram Meshkinshahr, in order to convey 14 m3/sec water from Sabalan dam to downstream lands for irrigation of 12,500 ha farmlands.
Project performances are as follows:
Construction of tunnel, siphon, canals, division structure, under ways and etc.
Contractual Specifications:
Owner: Power Ministry, Azarbayejan-e Sharghi & Ardabil Regional Water Authority
Consulting Eng: Ashenab Consulting Eng
Technical Specifications:
Tunnel length: 1700 m (5 segment)
Siphon lenght: 700 m (3 segment)
Cannal lenght: 300 m
Open excavation volume: 150,000 m3
Tunnel drilling volume: 40,000 m3
Embankment volume: 10,000 m3
Concrete volume: 28,000 m3



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