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PanahSaz-e-Iran Engineering Co. was established in 1989 by the efforts of a group of committed experts and engineers with brilliant records in performing developmental and engineering projects of the country in order to execute infrastructural projects by considering the needs of country.
PanahSaz-e-Iran Engineering Co. is proud of being the origin of creative and useful effects on execution of important industrial plans in different fields since 1989 until now with the goal of progress and along with social justice by maintaining the observance of good relation with employers and relying on managerial and administrative capabilities of domestic committed and expert forces. Execution of more than 50 plans by PanahSaz-e-Iran Engineering Co. throughout Iran is a proof to this claim.
Along with execution of industrial plans, PanahSaz-e-Iran Engineering Co. has had a special attention towards education of talents and enhancement of specialized power of domestic manpower and has managed to present experienced and qualified experts to expertise complex of country in the levels of management of plans and executive affairs.
In the light of experiences obtained from continuous activities and access to expert powers and modern technologies, PanahSaz-e-Iran Engineering Co. has an international competition power to participate in development of technical & engineering services exportation while making the country free from any needs in the field of international activities.
We hope to be always successful in serving and constructing the country by the assistance of God and by relying on domestic specialized and executive capabilities.
At the present time, PanahSaz-e-Iran Engineering Co. is one of the authentic contractual companies of the country and its qualification in performance of contractual works in the following fields has been approved by Vice-Presidency Strategic Planning & Supervision.
  • Grade 1 in the field of construction
  • Grade 1 in the field of water
  • Grade 1 in the field of industry
  • Grade 2 in the field of transportation
  • Grade 2 in the field of installations and equipments

Abilities :
  • Engineering, Procurement, Constructionof Dam , intake , jetty , quay ports and related structures , building , installation & other utilizes
  • Engineering ,Procurement ,Construction of soil improvement works including pre- cast pile driving ,sheet piling , drilling of cast in situ piles & micro piles .
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction of cooling system for power plants.
  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction of industrial slaughter house.
  • Engineering ,Procurement ,Construction of Gas &water pipe lines.
  • Engineering ,Procurement ,Construction of water & waste water treatments and water reservoirs.
  • Engineering ,Procurement ,Construction of LNG/ LPG double wall tanks.
  • Engineering ,Procurement ,Construction of concrete bridges, steel deck bridges and stay – cable bridges.
  • Engineering ,Procurement ,Construction of all heavy structures.


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