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Jahad Tossee Foundation

Jahad Tossee Foundation was formed from collection of local specialists in 1985.
The Foundation was among to NGOs public Institute based on the cabinet decision and assigned to activate in the design and implementation of large construction projects inside and outside of IRAN.
The Jahad Tossee holding company has 7 companies now which 6 companies has ONE grade in the field of water and affiliated activities, 5 companies has ONE grade in the field of transport and 4 companies has ONE grade of construction field.
During 2010 financial year, the institute has more than 100 projects, worth is twenty one thousand billion Rials (21,000 Billion R.)

Activities of subsidiary companies
1- Heavy concrete and steel structures such as cement factory , wheat storage silos, chimneys, cooling towers, power house, industrial slaughterhouse .
2- Types of dams, irrigation networks, docks, filtration systems.
3- Marine structures such as waterfront, breakwaters and SAYADY waterfront
4- Roads, bridges and tunnels.
5- Construction and greenhouse production units in the country.
Also the holding company Jahad Tossee , has been successful in , export technical services and engineering in recent years.
Meanwhile are mentioned in , construction of 6 steel silos in Turkmenistan with total capacity of 180 tons, making 10 concrete silos in Syria , repair dams in Armenia (GIGARDALIJ , BARBAR) and completing and repairing dams in Kyrgyzstan (KARABURA , PAPAN).



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